Last Thursday after evening classes the weather changed so dramatically that we were all caught off guard. As we were exiting the classroom building we heard the winds. When we stepped into the square, we felt sparse raindrops splattering on our face. Once we were outside the school gate the wind started to howl. It was so forceful that I thought my umbrella would collapse any time.


Then it rained cats and dogs. I felt lucky that I was with an umbrella. Even under an umbrella my clothes and shoes were wetted pretty soon because of the slanting winds. A lot of students on the way were drenched like chickens in water. All of a sudden, my classmate, Miss Hua, joined me under the umbrella. We got very excited and yelled as we ran along. I tilted my umbrella so that Miss Hua was better sheltered against the rain, but she pushed the umbrella back to my side.


When I saw my father’s car parked there waiting for me, I bid Miss Hua farewell. She rushed away with nothing over her head. My father, seeing that Miss Hua had no umbrella, asked me to go and catch up with her so that she could use mine. I followed my father’s word. When I finally caught up, panting, and handed over my umbrella to Miss Hua, there was a sparkle in her eyes.


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