Last Saturday evening my parents and I decided to eat out for dinner. We chose a restaurant on Jiangsu Road and went in. After we seated ourselves, we found an elderly lady at the next table eating alone. It was clear that the lady had special needs. After some time, the lady finished her meal. She walked shakily to the counter to pay. After the waitress swiped her credit card through their POS several times, she found it simply did not work.


Then she told the lady that there was something wrong with her credit card and that it could not function at the moment. Embarrassed and confused, the elderly lady was at a loss what to do. After putting the lady at ease, the waitress called her manager.


In short order the manager arrived. After learning about the matter, he turned to the lady and said that though she could not use her credit card, there was no cause for worry because their restaurant gave away two free meals each month to their lucky customers. He announced that the lady was one of their lucky customers of the month.


I think the restaurant workers, especially the manager, should be praised and respected. I really appreciate the way the business handled the special case.


No one is immune to the unpredictable in this world. If we can offer a helping hand like the manager, then the world will certainly be a better place.


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