One morning I got up late. It was already 6.30 by the time I left my home. If I took the bus as usual, I would definitely be late for school. So I decided to hail a taxi. It was raining heavily then, so it was quite a few minutes before I stopped one. No sooner had I hopped in than I realised my purse had been left behind in the classroom the evening before. So embarrassed was I that I asked the driver apologetically to stop and drop me off. He asked me why and I explained. To my surprise, he said, “You are too late now. Your school is not a long distance away. I will take you there for free.” I expressed my thanks to him.


The next morning, I went to the place where I had got the free ride to find the driver. I wanted to pay him the fare. But as you know, it was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. So far I haven’t found the kind man.


Sometimes I think that our life would be more comfortable and enjoyable were there more guys like the kind taxi driver.


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