I have got several fantastic boy friends. Strain your eyes, reader. It is boy friends, two words with a space in between. I am going to introduce one of them to you. We used to be classmates.

Our friendship started in an embarrassing but special way. One day I was doing some searches online with my QQ on. My mum was seated beside me on her own job. Then I noticed my QQ icon flashing. It was a message alert from the messenger. I clicked it without thinking twice. Guess what, it came from a boy in my class. The message read, “I like you.” I was so much blown away that my mind went blank at that very moment. Then to my horror I realised that my mum was just by my side. Before I could close the dialogue box, I found Mum peeping at my PC monitor. I was totally speechless, my heart beating faster and faster, while I frantically had a brainstorm trying to come up with an explanation. But no explanation came up and I managed an embarrassed smile on my face. Before I could say a word, my mum looked at me, amused, and said, “Wow, it’s awesome, my dear! I believe you can sort it out properly, can’t you?” Then she walked off and left me alone.

Having cleared my mind, I told the boy that we could be just good friends. Actually our relationship just stayed at the friend level after that. There were times when it was difficult to find the right balance between friendship and romance, but we managed it after some tries. Today we can share our happiness and sorrow with each other. With my mum I can talk openly about him since she knew it from the very beginning.

Had my mum not been so kind, I could not have such a friend of the opposite sex today and I could not be close to my mum either. The majority of Chinese parents hold a zero tolerance policy for their teenage children’s relationship with a person of the opposite sex. This experience of mine is just between my mum and me. We keep Dad in the dark about it. It seems that all fathers hate the boys who approach their daughters.

I hope this pure relationship of mine with the boy will last into the future.


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