Shengliver’s Note: The teen writer, Miss Tao, gives a vivid description of their reaction to a worm.


These days some special visitors have come to our dorm, uninvited.


Me included, there are 5 girls living in 6402. Every evening we chat while doing our washing. The first visitor turned up on Wednesday evening. We were talking about our favourite pop stars when Juan suddenly started up with one of her fingers pointing to a cup by the sink, screaming, “What’s that, girls?”


All of us tensed up, directing our attention to the cup. It was a lovely blue cup, but a little head inched out from behind it. Slowly very slowly a long colourful and soft body wriggled up. It was a caterpillar. Its fat squirming body made all of us scream in terror. Despite our emotions, the little guy kept its pace crawling forward. What a disgusting scene! Some of the girls were close to tears.


I got some water from the tap and washed the guy away with all my might. It was gone. Luckily the caterpillar had turned up in the washroom. What reactions would it have evoked if it had been on someone’s bed?


Since then, various little guys have come to our dorm one after another. It seems that they have come to mourn the first visitor washed away. Hence screams have been heard time and time again in our living space.


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