My home is a bit far from the school so I have to stay in the dorm on weekdays. There are four members in the dorm and the guy next to me is very noisy. After the lights are turned off, he talks to everybody. When I remind him that a teacher will come and check the order, he says, “Who cares?”


One night I was very sleepy but the guy was still active and talkative. There was no way I could fall asleep, so I, pretending to be the checking teacher, knocked at the door. The knock sent him into silence instantly. After a while, he started to talk again. He said, “Oh, how could I face the music tomorrow? Our class director will skin me. Jack, could you go and talk with the teacher tomorrow?”


Feigning sleep, I said nothing.


This drama has become a night fixture in our dorm. What should I do?


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