In our dorm there is someone who never washes his feet. It is Frank.


Three months ago, Frank moved in with us. It was spring then. The weather was so cool that no one noticed that he never washed his feet. Now it is summer, his feet are becoming more and more smelly. We are almost killed by the stench.


On a hot evening, after school, Frank came back to the dorm. No sooner had he removed his shoes and socks than I screamed, “Oh no, my nose!” Frank seemed to be proud of it. Flourishing his socks in the air, he smirked, “How do you like it, guys?”


Mr Xie and Mr Si could not stand it. They got a washbasin filled with hot water before they convinced Frank to sit down and have his feet washed. Mr Xie even took the trouble to bring a towel to Frank.


Despite our effort to change Frank, up till now he has not formed a habit to wash his feet every day. Every time we remind him to wash, he will promise to do it on Sunday. But that never happens.


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