Shengliver’s Note: A little fruit makes a teen’s day.


Hungry, thirsty, tired and busy, I was nearly worn out. I checked the clock on the front wall of the classroom. “It is 11.03, time for a break,” I murmured. All of a sudden, guys around me began to stir as if they were being brought back to life. When class was over at 11.05, I could not wait to rummage around in my backpack for a quick bite. To my dismay there was nothing edible in it. Disappointed, I had to make do with some water. Hunger was here to stay. I was too shy to ask for help. “What should I do?” I wondered.


“Jianglin, you are wanted out in the corridor,” my classmate in the front row yelled. I stood up feebly and walked out of the room. My best friend was standing there. I gave her a tight hug because we had not met for a long time (to be honest, just for three days). I found a little mango in her hand. Showing it to me, she said, “This fruit is from Hainan. It tastes sweet and smells gorgeous. So here it is for you.” Oh, my God, what a great coincidence! I said to her, “It’s so kind of you. How did you come to know that I’m hungry right at this moment? Well I will not eat it now. I will keep it for its perfume.” Then we said goodbye to each other and walked in opposite directions when the bell rang again.


As I put the little fruit close to my nostrils, a pleasant strong smell greeted me. Instantly my bad mood was gone. I came back to my seat, refreshed and energetic.


The little mango helped me realise that my life is beautiful and that many friends rally around me all the time. It is a magic fruit.


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