One day in the summer vacation my mum and I went shopping together. She wanted to buy a pair of sandals for me. At a store she asked me to pick a pair I liked. I looked around and decided on a pair pretty soon. When I asked her to pay, Mum did not take out her purse right away. Instead she started to bargain with the saleswoman. A bargaining expert, Mother loved every minute of it. After haggling for ages, she was finally given a 15% discount. But it took such a long time that she might be late for work. I reminded Mum that she should be at work by 4. When we left the store it was already 3.53. 7 minutes was not enough to cover the distance between the store and her workplace. Instead of taking a bus as usual, she hailed a taxi. Still she failed to make it on time in the end. The boss punished her by taking 50 yuan off her wages.


I think Mother was so funny. She tried to save money by bargaining, but she ended up losing more because of the taxi ride and because she was late for work. Was it worth it?


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