Shengliver’s Note: Most stories about grandparents are sweet, but this one is a bit sour.


In this entry I’ll write about my grandad, father of my mother.


Generally speaking my parents take good care of him, considering he is now quite old. However, he does not like my mother. Instead, he favours my uncle, his biological son, who has never taken care of him actually. I just cannot understand why he treats my mother in this way. Is it just because my mother isn’t male? That’s too funny.


One day there were many guests in my house who were watching TV. All of a sudden, my grandad shouted, “Who has taken my money?” He kept fussing about it for half an hour, in an angry and loud voice. In fact no one had taken his money because he always held his cash tightly in his pocket. The fact was that he desired to have my mother lose face and to annoy her in the presence of our relatives and friends.


Scenes of this kind recur in my family every few days. What unnerves me most is that I am afraid that my mother might develop the same disease as my deceased granny, should my grandad always have his way.


How ridiculous my grandad is!


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