Shengliver’s Note: To be or not to be, that is the question.


Last weekend I got on a No * bus to come back to school. Luckily one of my best friends happened to be on it. We greeted each other and chatted along.


All of a sudden, a rude voice put a stop to our chat. It was the driver cursing there, “Oh **** your mother! Get off and throw up off the bus!”


He was cursing an old man who was vomiting next to the bus exit. Obviously the old guy was bus sick.


The old man replied feebly, “Oh I’m terribly sorry, driver. I did not mean to do it. Please do not drive me off. I have to go back home to look after some important matters.”


Glaring at him, the driver insisted that he get off right away. The old man looked around the bus. I guessed that he hoped someone would stand out and help him out. However, the passengers around him all stepped back and turned a blind eye to everything.


I had no idea what to do under the situation. “What should I do? How could I help him? If I helped him, I would …” It seemed that thousands of insects were buzzing in my head. I turned to my friend for help, but she was looking out of the window. Obviously she chose to ignore what was going on, too.


While I was struggling for a choice, the exit opened and the old man got off.  Looking at the back of the old man, I thought I had made a bad choice.


These days whenever the bus scene comes back to my mind’s eye, I feel bad. It never fails to drive me nuts. I feel a bit better now that I have shared it with you, Shengliver.


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