Shengliver’s Note: The teen’s first babysitting experience helped him to understand babies better.


Last year, my aunt gave birth to a baby. During the summer holiday, she asked me to go and stay in her home to help babysit the child after my uncle went to work. I agreed, because my summer classes were near her home.


I fell in love with the baby at first sight. Its little hands, little feet and chubby face, oh my heart melted right away. It was so cute that I did not want to put it down once I picked it up. I buried my face in its and kissed it.


The first day’s love and tenderness did not last into the second day however. On the second day, after lunch, my aunt put the baby in my arms. I held him while watching TV. After a while, I felt something warm in my lap but I did not mind it. Then a weird smell crept up. I at once realised that something was terribly wrong. When I lifted it off my lap, some runny yellowish stuff came into view. Oh I almost heaved.


Without delay I pulled off my pants. “Oh, lord,” I exclaimed. What made me angry was that the baby was laughing happily. Although I wanted to kill it, I could do nothing.


I hate babies. They are more than smiles.


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