Now I study in YYHS. I feel greatly honoured.


At the very beginning of the school year, when I got my own school uniforms, I found that they were exactly the same as those worn by students in DJK No 2 High school, except for the badges. And DJK No 2 High school is located right in my hometown Mt Wudang.


One weekend I took a bus home. After I got off at the bus station, I walked back to my neighbourhood. It was around 8 pm, and the street was packed with shoppers and tourists. Wearing the winter uniform, I found myself right behind six students from that school. Their school uniforms looked the same. All of a sudden a boy picked up a girl and the girl screamed. At the time many people in the street turned their eyes to them, but the boys and girls did not give a damn. Their frolicking continued along the way. I could not stand it so I tore away from them.


When I got home I thought a lot about those six high school students my age. How foolish they were! It was beyond me why they did not want to study. Instead, they played, smoked even fought every day. I couldn’t imagine what their parents would have felt if they had seen their behaviour. Exactly most of them were my middle school classmates. I am so sad to see them change in such a direction.


I do not want to think more about them. That would be cruel. Luckily I am in a good and beautiful school now. Maybe I should make a clean break with them.


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