Shengliver’s Note: Freshly baked, this is the very first entry from the batch of teens who came in last autumn. The writer is Mr Song Mingyang.


I have a 7-year-old brother. He is in Grade 1 primary school. I am in Grade 1 high school. Both of us have a lot of homework to do. Every Sunday we do our homework together.


Last Sunday morning brother and I were doing our homework in the study when he stopped me and asked, “Brother, can you help me with a problem?”


“No problem,” I said.


He showed me the question. It was math or arithmetic. The question read, “If you have 10 apples and you eat 7 of them, how many will be left?”


Puzzled, I shot a glance at my brother. I said, “It is so easy.”


“I know the answer, brother,” my cute brother said.


“Then why ask me?” I said in a loud voice.


“But no one in the world could eat 7 apples at one go,” my brother said.


I started to lose my temper. “It is just a question, OK?” I yelled at him.


My yelling hurt my brother. He started to cry madly.


My father came over. When he learned the truth, he laughed, saying, “Both of you are right.”


My younger brother stopped crying immediately and made a face at me. He said, “You see, I am always right.”


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