Shengliver’s Note: The teen writer will give you a surprising explanation.


When in primary school, I was a shy girl, who did not dare to speak in public. I never raised my hand to answer the teachers’ questions in class.


At the time I liked my maths teacher, a fortyish woman. I thought she was a kind lady, judging by her demeanour. She organised weekend maths lessons in her own apartment, so every weekend I needed to go there to learn maths with some of my classmates. Of course we had to pay. However, in the sixth grade I stopped attending her private lessons.


She was very angry at my decision to quit. One day she asked me to go to her office, where she told me to continue taking her private lessons. I refused to. I did not realise then that that would be the start of my plight.


My maths teacher began to pick on me. She shouted at me in the classroom and even ordered me to go out even if I had not done anything wrong. I felt ashamed and sad at first, but little by little I could not stand it anymore. Then came a day when I shouted back, “You shut up!” before I burst into tears.


After that I became more and more outgoing and confident. I am no longer a shy girl. I am aggressive now. Maybe I should say thanks to my former maths teacher. Hahaha!


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