Shengliver’s Note: The teen writer Mr Liu Yangming had an extraordinary pet.


When I was 12 years old, I was transferred to a new junior high school. I was a complete stranger there. I had no friends there also because I did not like talking very much. Then my only friend was my pet dog called Black.


One day I walked the dog with my mother. We passed by a park and a school. Finally, we stopped by at a shopping centre. There were such hordes of shoppers at the time that several guys even walked into me. All of a sudden, my dog Black started to bark. Woof! Woof! While barking fiercely, he ran up to a man in front and seized him.


“Oh no! Black, what are you doing? Stop!” I yelled, afraid that Black might hurt the guy.


Just at this moment I saw my mobile phone in this guy’s hand. I reached my hand into my pocket but my phone was no longer there. It turned out that the guy was a pickpocket. He had picked my phone. While I had not noticed it at all, Black witnessed everything.


The man was so terrified that I had no trouble grabbing my phone back.


Thanks to Black, I not only got my phone back but also became kind of a celebrity in our school. More and more schoolmates got to know me. Therefore, I made lots of friends. Loneliness became a thing of the past. The credit belonged to my pet dog Black.


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