Shengliver’s Note: Chenglu has learned a lesson: Being positive makes life colourful and bright.


I am aware that sometimes I am behaving in a strange way. One moment I can be nice and calm. Another moment I can lose control of myself and throw a tantrum. Some people say, “Girl, you are really moody.”


A few days ago, our sports meeting kicked off. At first I was very happy. But my merry mood lasted up to the moment when some of my classmates asked me to run the races. You can’t imagine how much I loathed running at the event in front of such a large audience. Fast as I could run, I did not fancy competing in the races at all. When I got home, I shared my problem with my mother. My mother, however, was of a different mind. She tried to persuade me to participate. She said, “Taking part in sports activities does good to you. You should get involved.” Her words plunged me into one of my sour moods. I ended up arguing feverishly with her since she did not support me.


At the sports meeting I found I could not say no to my classmates when they asked me to run. And I did run, reluctantly though.


The next day was Sunday. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I found I had a bad sore throat and that my legs hurt a lot, which upset me. My mother kept talking to me about this and that and she would not shut up. I was so annoyed that I did not respond to her. As you can imagine, I was smouldering with resentment, thinking that my mother did not understand me at all. I called father on the phone and complained to him about what had happened. I said so much that my father could not stand it. He cut off the connection before I could finish. At the moment I felt I was a little child instead of a 16-year-old. My parents were cut up over my caprice. I remember mother saying, “Why are you so moody, girl? You are already 16.”


Having reflected upon my behaviour, I realised that what I had done did not make any sense. I screamed, cried, and quarrelled, just for such a trivial matter of running the races at the sports meeting. I made others unhappy, and they started to dislike me.


Someone says, “Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile back.” It couldn’t be truer. Were I not to smile and to keep whining, everything would turn dark and grey. Why not have a colourful life by being positive?


On Monday I apologised to my parents.


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