Summer is coming. More and more people in town go to see the river Hanjiang by car or by bike.


Along the river are stretches of flowers. It is very cool there. Yesterday like the other visitors, I rode a bike to the river bank. On the way I saw an old couple on a bike, with the gentleman steering and the lady on the back seat. The old lady was so vivacious that I doubted her real age. A Chinese woman of her age would not behave like that.


The loving scene where the old couple were on the same bike was very romantic. I had thought that it could only be found in films. But I saw it with my own eyes in my real world. With my eyes fixed on the couple, I found their eyes sparkling with love and tenderness. Obviously they valued the time they were together.


After I got home, I felt that a lot of bad thoughts were off my mind thanks to what I had seen on the road. Now, I look ahead to my future full of hope. I will put my time in this world to the best use.


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