Shengliver’s Note: This teen writer has a heart of gold, but it is time she stopped it. Haven’t you seen that they have been abusing your kindness?


Last term I began to buy baozi for my classmates. I have no idea exactly when it started, probably at the time when we took our swimming lessons. Because many students could not get their breakfast in time, they asked me to take baozi to them so that they could save some time. On my way to school there happened to be a food stand where baozi was on sale.


Now we are in Grade 3. My service is continued. I’m glad they trust me, but I don’t think it is a good thing. Because of it, I have to get up earlier than ever. Otherwise I will miss the bus and take a taxi instead. Every morning I take at least 20 baozi to school, but there is more trouble than that. There are times when I find that the money my classmates gave me the evening before is not enough when I am paying at the stand. I don’t know the reason. When the problem arises, I have to cover the baozi with my own money and often end up with no breakfast for myself. There are times when I forget about someone’s baozi and they thus get mad at me. It happened this morning. I did forget about his baozi this morning, but did he ever think of the difficulty I had taking so many baozi with me? Every morning I could have got to school earlier, but I spent my time and money serving you all. Instead of saying thanks to me, you just saw the mistake I made.


Despite the downside of this experience, I will still get baozi for them. After all we only have one year to be together before we graduate.


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