Shengliver’s Note: While staying in a ward, the teen writer gains a new perspective.


About ten days ago, I underwent a surgical operation at Taihe Hospital as a result of acute appendicitis. While staying in the ward I gained a new perspective on life.


There were four beds in my ward. I was the youngest patient; also my condition was the least serious. The first day I was there, two beds were vacant; their occupants happened to be away. I thought their conditions might be less serious than mine. Only a grandpa was lying there with his nose hooked on a respirator. I was told he was suffering from cancer.


The next day the two inmates came back to the ward. They looked just like normal guys. My parents chatted happily with them. They talked about their families and kids. They said that they hoped that their kids would attend my high school in time. They had good wishes for their future. When they started to talk about their own diseases, it sounded as if their conditions were nothing special. How could it be, considering that one of them was suffering from cancer while the other would have to go to Wuhan for further treatment?


Sometimes the biggest challenge in our lives catches us off guard. The way we take it shows our character. Some days after my operation I came back to school. My life has come back to normal again. Life is waiting for my three inmates too. I wish all of them good chance of recovery.


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