Shengliver’s Note: A close game thrilled the teen writer.


Several days ago, the Hubei Provincial Basket Championship took place in Shiyan. Teams from all the regional capitals in Hubei took part in it, including our Shiyan team.


Last year my brother was drafted into the city basketball team. Since then he has been one of its regular members. During the summer holidays he had to work out every day. Every time he came back from his training, he was dripping wet, his jersey soaked through with sweat. He was too tired to do anything.


The championship lasted five days, for the duration of which all the members had to live together at the training camp. That really made me miss my brother very much, although he annoys me from time to time when he is home. What a strange feeling!


My brother had a series of matches for the championship, but I had a chance to watch only one of them. That is the most exciting game I have ever watched. At the competition their rival team was from the capital city Wuhan. In the first half of the match, my brother’s team fell behind the Wuhan team by 20 points. After the second part of the competition started, they gradually caught up. The gap between the two teams’ scores narrowed until the Shiyan team was just two points behind. I got extremely worried because the time was going to be up very soon. 20 seconds before the whistle was blown, they grabbed the ball and shot, but they missed the basket. They did not give up and tried again. At the very last moment, they shot and won! It was a three-pointer! No sooner had the ball gone through the basket than the whistle sounded announcing the end of the game. Shengliver, you could not imagine how excited I was at the moment. My heart almost jumped out. How amazing! They won at the last second. The last second!


Although the victory was not to my brother’s credit, I had an urge to go over and kiss him in front of the audience. Their team was so good.


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