Shengliver’s Note: Junjie has sympathy for the poor yet brave boy.


Six years ago I was in Grade 7. My classroom was on the fifth floor of the classroom building. Grade 9 classrooms were on the fourth and third floors.


One afternoon, I was late for school. When I was passing by the teaching building, I saw some red liquid on the ground. So scared was I that I did not make any mention of it in the classroom. During the breaks, my classmates told me that a Grade 9 student had jumped down from the fourth floor. I was shocked. This was the first time that someone around me had done such a thing. I felt great sorrow. I could not understand what it was that had given the boy the guts to end his own life.


I did not know what his name was, but I knew he was a graduating student and that the day after he would take his final exam. Luckily he survived the jump, but he had to stay in hospital when the exam was on.


The reason why the boy chose to jump down was obvious. His parents had pushed him too hard. There is no way to please a lot of Chinese parents other than to get good grades on their child’s part.


A lot of Chinese parents want their children to be the top of the league tables, but they often ignore their children’s spirit and character. No matter how great a grade a child might get, problems with his mentality will haunt him in ways beyond the adults’ imagination.


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