Shengliver’s Note: This entry was first posted a couple of years ago. The teen writer, Jin Jing, shares her reaction to a death in it.


A girl in Grade 1 jumped off a building. When first hearing the news, I believed that it must be a lie. However, later, it proved to be true. I was shocked. All the memories about death crowded in on me.


When I was in primary school, I knew little about death. One day a boy in my class died. It was said that he had been hit by a car when crossing the road in front of the school. His mother rushed over to the scene and collapsed over his body on the ground howling. I had no feelings at that time. The boy had given me some candy several days before he died. His lovely smile suddenly occurred to me. He was a friendly quiet guy. Back home when I shared the news with mum, she became sad and her eyes were wet. I was puzzled. “How terrible it is! He was such a young boy that his mother must be very sad,” sighed my mother. I pretended to be as sad as my mother was. However, I still did not think it was such a terrible thing then. I even thought I would forget him in less than two weeks. I was totally wrong. In fact, I have remembered it all for 10 years. Even today his innocent smile and the sweet candy are still fresh in my mind. The older I get, the more vivid the memory.


I still remember that scene: his elder brother came to our school to collect his books and stationery. The whole class was very quiet; his brother did not say a word. The atmosphere was sombre and unnerving. Even the naughtiest student stayed still at his desk. The brother picked up the books carefully and used his trembling hands to put the ruler, eraser, pen, pencil and so on back in the schoolbag. You cannot believe that two days ago he was still alive and playing and laughing on the playground just like any one of us. It was traumatising that he should have passed away at such a tender age.


Now I would rather the entire thing had been a lie. He just left Shiyan and moved to another city with his family. He is still leading as peaceful a life as us. Who ever can tell me that it was just a lie?


Death is a scary word. I don’t think the girl’s jumping the other day was a right choice for her. Every time we face problems, we should tell ourselves, “Life still goes on.” There is nothing better than living healthily, happily.

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