Quentin comes from the city of Danjiangkou. Last Sunday was a holiday. On Saturday afternoon after the third class he headed for home.


At the coach station, he and three other travellers decided to hire a taxi instead of going by coach. On the way they started chatting. Quentin learned that they three were all uni students and that their winter vacation had already started.


As their conversation went on, Quentin was impressed by one of the female passengers. Looking thirtyish, she was older than the other two. She said that she had been working in Zhejiang for years before she became a uni student. When she was in high school, she had to drop out because of her family’s financial difficulties. While working in Zhejiang, however, she came to realise the importance of a good education. Although she could learn on her own in the real world, a formal education would do her much more good, which her work experiences taught her. Therefore, last year she quitted her job and prepared for the uni entrance exam. Luckily she passed it and was admitted to one of the unis in Wuhan. Judging from her talk, Quentin believed that this lady valued her education opportunity very much.


Another girl, in her early 20s, was a student at Yunyang Medical College. Her attitude towards her education was poles apart. She said that her grades were lousy but she did not care. What mattered to a lady in her eyes was finding a wealthy man and marrying rich. What would be the use of good grades? Good grades were nothing compared with a rich husband.


Listening to the conversations Quentin admired the first lady and despised the second. Although one is free to make his own life choices, Quentin thought the second woman would lose a lot if she held such an attitude. She would sacrifice her freedom and independence for a lifestyle that only pigs lead.


My reader, were you a lady, what would you think?

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