It is Sunday today.


I got up at 8 am so that I could get to the classroom punctually. When I walked in I was surprised to find that there were only a few souls around. I asked one mate where the rest had gone. It suddenly dawned on me that there were four lectures scheduled all day on campus on how to answer the final exam questions properly. However, most of those absent from the classroom today were going out for fun. Some boys went to digital cafes; some were simply hanging out for an easy time. Without any assigned homework, they looked for any possible excuse to leave out studying. It was obvious that it was a good chance for them to escape today.


Having been in the classroom for a while, I was invited by some girls to go to see a movie. Having thought for a while, I refused them. It was for a long time that I had not got an opportunity to sort out my own exercises and my thoughts. Therefore, today it was a perfect chance for me to learn by myself. After they left, a little lonely and bored as I felt, I did not regret making such a decision. In the classroom, however, there were some guys chatting nonstop. The buzz of their conversation and laughter got on my nerves. I couldn’t figure out what they had come here for. So I went to the Self-study Room, where I found some of my classmates so absorbed in their work that I behaved as quietly as a mouse lest I should disturb them. I walked in quietly, took a seat and got down to work.


I may have missed something wonderful today, but I really benefited a lot by sticking to my own mind. I wish that those who have escaped today could be lucky enough to escape the possibility of failure in 51 days. If you want to succeed, remember that being different and alone is not necessarily a bad thing. I believe that that difference will make a difference ultimately.


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