It happened when I was in Grade 9. At that time school ended far earlier than now.


One Friday afternoon, when school was over, my best friend invited me to go and play with him. In the beginning I was not willing to because he had also invited his sweetheart to come along. That meant that I would have to witness their intimacies. However, my friends insisted that I join them. That afternoon we three climbed a hill before we came to a park. Everything was going well except for the fact that the two often hugged and kissed in my presence.


As we were having fun, we saw an adult coming over. It was my friend’s father. In fact, the park was next to the neighbourhood where we lived. My friend gave me a wink. I got him right away. He meant for me to show that the girl was my girlfriend. Without hesitation I hugged the girl when the father was nearing us. When the father saw it, he smiled and asked his son to go home with him.


My reader, can you guess what happened after my friend went away? Whatever, I never joined him again on his love trips.


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