Shengliver’s Note: Given little attention, the teen’s flower flourished.


When I was young, I found a new flower on my hike in the mountains. So beautiful was it that I transplanted it to our garden.


This was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen. Therefore I took great care over it. Lost in its beauty, I could have stood in front of it admiring it for an hour.


One day a dog strayed into my garden. Afraid of dogs as I was, I set out to drive it out. Luckily it did not take a lot of trouble to chase the animal away. From then on I was extra careful about my plant lest it be ruined by the weather, a naughty kid or a pet.


When it was teeming, I would put an umbrella over it. In order to fertilise the soil, I poured a lot of milk around it. I thought my effort and care would pay off. Unfortunately it turned out that I was wrong.


Despite my attention to the plant, it became weaker and weaker as days wore on. Seeing the withered plant, mother told me that I was supposed to have left things as they were and that being exposed to too much of my love actually did disservice to the flower.


Some time later, I encountered the same flower again on my hikes. I transplanted a new one to my garden. Drawing on my experience with the first flower, I decided to let it be.


Months later, I came home from school. When the flower met my eye, hardly could I believe it. The plant was lush and strong. Given little attention, it simply took care of itself and flourished.


As the saying goes, let nature take its course.


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