When I was in primary school, I lost a lot of cash. Gradually I developed a habit of writing a figure 7 on my banknotes so that I could recognise them.


One morning last week, when we finished our mid-morning running, I felt hot and thirsty. I rushed back to the classroom. When I stepped in, I found I was the only soul in it. As I was walking to my seat, I saw something like money on the floor behind the door. I bent over and picked it up. Oh, it was a 100-yuan banknote. Very quickly I stuffed it in my pocket before I ran to my seat and sat down. I pretended as if nothing had happened. As more classmates came back, excitement and nervousness made me very uncomfortable. I really could not decide what to do with the banknote. After my heartbeat came back to normal, I told myself that I would return the money to the owner should he come and claim it. But if no one said they had lost money, I would keep it to myself.


We would hike to a park on Friday. On Thursday we had to prepare our food for the trip. When we opened my purse, the 100-yuan note that mother had given to me for my allowance at the beginning of the week was nowhere to be found. Oh, I suddenly remembered the banknote I had found in the classroom the other day. I reached into my pocket and fumbled for it. Up till then no one had come and claimed it. Therefore, I decided to spend it on my food at the supermarket. At the checkout, when I put the banknote on the counter, I saw a small figure on it. It was a 7! Oh lord, that was my money.


Looking back on my emotional rollercoaster trip after I found the banknote in the classroom, I could not help laughing at my folly. It was my money anyway.


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