Last weekend I lost my purse and I still feel awful.


First I went to the supermarket and bought some food. After shopping I came out and stopped at the exit to tidy my things in my handbag. Then I made my way to the bank. On the way it started to rain. I took out my umbrella and tried to open it. My umbrella was stuck, and it wouldn’t open however hard I tried. It made me mad.


As I was nearing the bank, I suddenly realised that my purse was not with me. I must have lost it, I thought. So panic-stricken was I that I retraced my route back to the supermarket. I turned to the staff for help. A worker took me to the surveillance cam, where the footage showed that my purse had dropped when I was trying to open the umbrella. A while after I left, a woman came over and picked my purse. Then she drove away in a black car.


I am furious that the woman should have done that.


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