As a kid, I was very naughty. Hardly ever did I listen to my parents. Thus, I committed many “crimes”.


The worst crime I had ever done was in Grade 3. It was a sunny day. I went to a veggie patch near the school with my classmates. In order to have fun, we came up with a game, which was called Veggie War. The rule of the game was to find veggies and pick them, then to throw them at the enemies. If you hit an enemy, he would die. Your team would win the game if you and your team mates killed all the enemies.


After we set out the rules, the game started. It was great fun. In order to show my power and energy, I picked a lot of veggies and attacked my enemies with them. It was not long before we turned the patch into a mess.


All of a sudden over our heads came a voice. “Stop! What are you boys doing?” It was an old man, who was the owner of the field. The anger in his voice startled all of us. We tried to flee right away. Unluckily some of us were caught and taken to the head teacher. The next day all the pupils who had taken part in the game were punished, me included.


Although it happened years ago, I still remember all the details. I really regret it. Should there be a chance, I would go and say sorry to the old man.

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