Last week, our seating changed and I was paired with a new deskmate. In fact, she is my former deskmate. At the beginning of the term we were seated next to each other.


My new deskmate is similar to my last deskmate in character. Her name is Yellow Heart and she is like a boy. My dorm mates told me that she is ‘dirty’, just the way our English teacher is. But I believe that she is still a lovely girl because she is good at her lessons.


One day we were having a biology class. The teacher told us to do our homework. Many classmates talked with each other. As a result, the classroom got very noisy even though the teacher kept reminding us, “Do your homework with your hands, not with your mouths.”


Shooting a glance at my deskmate, I found her looking annoyed. What made me afraid was that she told me that she wanted to start a fight. While I was musing over her words, she suddenly shot up from her seat and yelled, “F***! Just shut up and do your homework!” The next moment she sat down and continued doing her homework as if nothing had happened. So shocked was I that I just stared at her, mouth open. With her words, the classroom instantly became quiet. It was like a dream. I didn’t think the girl who had sworn was my deskmate, because my deskmate was just sitting there like a lady, doing her homework!


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