The first day I met Li Kang in Class 4 was very interesting. I was late that day because I had been catching up on my winter holiday homework back at home. When I hurried into the classroom, I found the classmate next to me hadn’t finished his homework either. So we copied each other’s answers and handed in our work. That was the beginning of our friendship.


I did not talk with Li Kang very much the first day. A little shy the boy seemed to be afraid of me. I was not a scary guy so I tried to break the ice by using some humour. It was useless, though.


Then at a class meeting I found he loved singing very much. Li Kang can sing straight into your heart and soul. I call him Voice of Death. If you are lucky enough to hear his voice, you will be surely touched deep down. That’s really amazing. It is no secret that Li Kang has a girlfriend called Blue Star. Sometimes I ask myself why he is so lucky. Then it occurs to me that it must be his gift for singing that has captivated the girl.


In the last monthly exam, Li Kang got good grades. Therefore, he will be able to join Team 1. It is a pity that I cannot hear his special voice any more. His success in the exam makes a lot of classmates believe that no girlfriend no progress. If you have a girlfriend, then you will shine in exams. I think I need one too.


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