Shengliver’s Note: Your fate is in your hands. What you sow today you will reap tomorrow. This teen writer, Miss Ke Wenxin, gives us a perfect example in this entry.


There is always a special person on my mind these days. She was my best friend in junior high school. Every time her face pops up in my mind’s eye, I feel regret and guilt.


In Grade 7, we got almost the same grades in the exams. We hung around as well as studying together. Things started to change little by little. I always got my homework, especially maths, done at home after lunch. Then I took my work to school in the afternoon.


One afternoon she said to me, “Today’s maths is so hard. I do not want to work on it. May I have a look at your work? I will buy you candy later.”


I remember showing my homework to her without thinking twice. The question whether that was right or wrong never occurred to me. Her candy pleased me very much.


After that, the same thing happened almost every day. My friend asked me for my homework whenever she was tired of hers. I did her the favour over and over again. At times I even felt proud when I saw her get her maths homework done quickly this way.


Naturally my grades went up; hers came down. I tried to comfort and encourage her to be confident. But I did not warn her not to copy others’ homework. In time she lagged far, far behind me.


When the results of the high school entrance exams were announced, our different marks meant that it would be impossible for us two to attend the same high school. My high marks did not make me feel on top of the world. On the contrary, I felt guilty every time I thought of my friend’s slip. I wished I had not built up her habit of copying, but it was too late.


Luckily we can still meet in the vacation. I hope our friendship will stay as fresh as ever. From the bottom of my heart I just want to let my friend know that I do feel regret for not stopping her from copying my homework.


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