Shengliver’s Note: Yingjie, writer of the entry, and Junjie are classmates. They are pals too. In this entry you will read about their Sunday experiences, which illustrate the importance of being patient.


Last week, Zheng Junjie and I planned to pay a visit to the Sifang Mountain Botanical Garden on Sunday. We decided to meet each other at 8 on Sunday morning at the bus stop.


When I got home after school on Saturday afternoon, the first thing I was going to do was get my homework done. However, my mother told me that we would have to go to my aunt’s for a family dinner party. Therefore, we had to take a bus to my aunt’s. After a big dinner there, it was already 7.30 pm. Then my mother, my sister and I went back home. I asked my mother if I could watch TV for an hour. She gave me a go-ahead. After TV, I got down to my homework. When it was done, it was already 10.30. Quickly I washed and went to bed.


I set my alarm clock for 6.30 am. Unfortunately, it failed to go off when the time came the next morning. When I woke up, I sensed that something had gone terribly wrong. All of a sudden, the trip to the Botanical Garden sprang to my mind. I checked the time and it was already 7.30. Instantly I went to the bathroom. I had my hair washed and done. After a swift wash and brush I rushed to the bus stop. However, it was already 8.15. Surely I did not find my friend Junjie there. I thought that she might have come and left since I had not made it on time. She might come back again after some time. So I stood at the stop waiting for her. My waiting lasted until 8.30, but she still did not turn up. In the end I had no choice but to go back home alone. The trip was aborted.


Yesterday evening back at school Junjie asked me where I had been at the agreed time. I told her the whole thing. Then she explained that she left the bus stop at 8.13 when she did not find me there. But she did return to the bus stop to check me out at 8.32 am after shopping for something at a store nearby. Still she did not find me there, after which she had to give up.


Oh what luck! 2 minutes should have made such a difference to our Sunday. If only either of us had been two minutes more patient!


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