Shengliver’s Note: Because the graduating classes were taking a mock test towards the end of May, Year 10 and Year 11 got a longer weekend—Saturday, Sunday and Monday. When the weekend was over, the teen writer realised that making a plan is one thing while carrying it out another.


You cannot imagine how excited I was before this longer weekend came. On Friday I had planned a lot of things for it. I planned to finish all my homework on Saturday. I planned to sleep late until 12 on Sunday. I planned to go swimming with my cousin on Sunday afternoon and to go shopping with my parents in the evening. On Monday morning I planned to get up at 6. Then I would go climbing a mountain with my good friends. After doing all these we would go to have a big meal at a restaurant. What a wonderful weekend it would be!


Right now I am writing this journal entry in the classroom. The truth is, however, that none of my weekend plans materialised. On Saturday night I told myself I must tear myself away from TV to do my homework. In fact I did not turn off the box until midnight. The next morning I was swimming in my dream. When my mother woke me up at 8 am, I was so tired. I could not concentrate on my homework. After lunch I called up my cousin and asked her whether she had time to go swimming with me. She said sorry to me because she would go to the People’s Park with her classmates. So I went back to my room to nap. When I woke up from the nap, it was time to eat dinner. How foolish I was! And I even had not finished my homework by the time. I wanted to die! The next day Monday all my family members were out at work, so nobody woke me up. I think you can guess when I got up.


My dear weekend, I am sorry to you for seeing all my plans come to nothing.


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