During the winter vacation, I came across an elderly lady. I did not recognise her but she greeted me. I was surprised when she said, “I still remember you, girl. Ten years ago, you were such a little girl.” Puzzled as I was, I still managed a smile at her.


Later on it occurred to me that she was the warm-hearted lady who helped me ten years ago. It was a hot sunny day. When school was over at midday I went on my way home. To reach home I had to cross a bridge, but that day some repair work was being done to the bridge so I could not cross it. A very little girl then I got panicky. I had no choice but to cry by the roadside. At that moment a beautiful lady came to me and helped me to wipe the tears off my face. She said gently, “Don’t cry, girl. Come with me. You could stay at my home with my little daughter. Your parents will come over later.” I stopped crying and followed her. She lived near the bridge. That day she cooked a meal for me. In my memory that was the tastiest meal I had ever had. That evening, the repair work was done, and the bridge was reopened. My mother came and picked me up. She was more than grateful.


At that time the lady and I were complete strangers, but her warmth touched me a lot.


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