Shengliver’s Note: The letter is brimming with the writer’s affection for the brother.


I have witnessed the process of your growth since you were born. With time going by, you have grown into an active healthy boy. But one unfortunate problem is affecting you: you were born with poorer-than-average eyesight. So you had to wear a pair of corrective lenses even when you were still very young. To protect your eyesight against further deterioration, you are banned from using any electronic conveniences like the TV, computers and mobile phones. I know that deprives you of a lot of pleasures in modern life but there is no other way, brother. I still remember that the first time you pleaded with me to turn on the telly for you, tears filled my eyes. I would like to have done you the favour, but I could not. Eventually you overcame the lure of those devices. From then on, I, from time to time, bought you paper books which I thought would do you good. And now you have formed a good reading habit.


I’m glad that you are a top student in your class. You told me that your Chinese teacher has praised your neat handwriting in class many times. I am proud of you, brother. At times, you still make mistakes, which I think is part of your growing up. Child as you are, you can understand a lot of what I said to you. How I wish you could stay smart, innocent and optimistic forever! Boys tend to fall prey to bad habits and behaviour more easily than girls do, so I hope you can stay away from them as you are growing up. Once you get hooked on something, you can’t help yourself.


What I am keen to tell you is this, brother: No matter what might happen around you, what you can do is follow your heart. It’s of great significance to learn to tell good from bad. Thinking of all the latent evil forces around, I wish you would never grow up, brother.


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