Shengliver’s Note: The students went on a long-distance walk last week, the first ever in the school’s history. In this entry you will read about a teen girl’s discovery of an inspiration to her during the activity. Without the inspiration, she could not have made the 35-kilometre trek.


We had a long walk last week. To my surprise, I finished it. I do not think I could have made it but for a boy’s help.


During the walk, he said nothing to me and even was not at my side, but he gave me much power, which enabled me to continue the walk. I like him more than I can say. I believe every girl my age has such a boy in her heart: You are dying to know him, you focus on what he is doing, and your heart will miss a beat when you run into him. But I do know that we are not mature enough to get together. It’s not an appropriate time to fall in love, and I do not even know him well in fact. So I just treasure this feeling at the depth of my heart; at the same time I should be rational.


I regard him as my sun so that I have a reason and an intention to be hardworking. I want to be a better person for him and also for myself. Maybe I will feel funny about this idea ten years from now, but I still want to hold on to my belief at the moment.


And I want to tell him: Thank you for silently encouraging me to face the difficulties. I get much power when I take a look at your broad back, hear your words ringing there, or am infected by your smile. I would hide this secret in my heart. You will be my sun permanently.


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