Shengliver’s Note: Teen Chen Yun will be a transmitter of love.


Every time the two folding chairs in my room meet my eyes, I can’t help remembering a kind elderly lady.


I bought a lot of stuff with my mum at the SKYL supermarket last weekend. Therefore we were entitled to win a draw prize. When we went up to the counter, the clerk told me that the draw had ended for the day and that we could come for it the next day. I agreed and went home with mother.


The next morning, I made a beeline for the supermarket first thing after breakfast. At the entrance I read the notice about the day’s lucky customers. It said that a customer who has spent 158 yuan at the market can go and get a folding chair for just one yuan. I quickly checked the receipts I kept. The amount we had spent the day before allowed me to get two folding chairs. I would have to pay 2 yuan though. Unluckily I did not carry any cash around. What should I do? I would not take the trouble to go all the way home to get it. I decided to turn to someone I was acquainted with at the mall. Or there might be someone kind enough to loan me just two yuan. You can never tell.


So I hung around on the premises. Ten minutes past I did not see anyone whose name I knew. Then an idea occurred to me. I could go to the veg and fruit section where there were lots of grannies shopping. Those elderly ladies might give me a hand. I walked over and pretty soon a target met my eye. I approached her and asked for help. I explained about my situation. When I finished, the lady was all smiles, saying apologetically, “Girl, I would very much like to help you out, but I have only a 100-yuan banknote.” I said, “That’s all right. Thanks anyway.” It was not long before I laid my eyes on a second granny. She was wearing spectacles with grey hair. After hearing my explanation, she asked about my school and the use of the money. Then she agreed! What a kind lady! After taking the two yuan from her, I thanked her again and again and promised to return the money to her on our next encounter. The lady refused to take it back. She said, “Girl, if you hope to reciprocate it, the best way will be to help someone needy someday.”


On the way home the lady’s words resounded in my ears. This personal experience of mine convinces me that love abounds around us and that I should be a transmitter of it.


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