Yesterday I went out with my mum. We hung about down the street, chatting happily. Later, we went into a clothes store, where beautiful girls’ wear was on sale.


The shop assistant introduced her merchandise to us enthusiastically. I picked clothes I liked off the racks and tried them on, one garment by one garment. Mum just planted herself there, patiently watching me moving in and out of the fitting room, with a smile on her face. All of a sudden I found mother deep in thought. She might be tired, I thought. So we went out into the street for some fresh air. Hand in hand, we strolled along. She started to share a lot:


Now you’re grown up. By the time you finish high school, you will have become a real adult. First, you will have to make your own decisions and judgments. We parents can only accompany you part of the life journey and then you will have to be on your own. Second, you need to live up to your promises and principles, no matter what hard situations you might find yourself in. Follow your heart; it shall point you in the right direction. Third, you are an angel in our eyes, but you shouldn’t expect everyone to like you. Just be yourself.


While mother was talking, I was wondering why she was sharing so much today. Of course, I will start uni in a couple of months. She just wanted to let me know that the meaning of true growth is what I’m going through right now.


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  1. chenglinben
    Mar 12, 2017 @ 17:15:28

    Everyone is bound to be grown-up sooner or later


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