Shengliver’s Note: Miss Wang Yaxue, a country girl from Yunxi, is friends with Miss Pan Xu, an urban girl from Yunxian. Over the weeks and months, they two have been growing up together, lending each other a hand. You will read in this entry about their shopping trip made last weekend.


Last Sunday, accompanied by Miss Pan Xu, I went to Sanyan to buy shoes. Having made the purchase I was satisfied with, I had only 100 yuan left in my purse to cover my living expenses for the coming week.


On the way back to school, we noticed a grey-haired elderly man squatting on the pavement, wearing clothes that were dirty and out of style. Because it had rained the day before, the street was still wet and we felt cold. However, the old man did not care. In front of him stood a piece of cardboard with words saying that he was in need.


The sight of the old man reminded me of my granddad, who is about the same age. When my granddad was younger, he worked day and night to support our family. Now he is suffering from some terrible disease.


I thought the man on the pavement was as pitiful as my granddad. Then Miss Pan and I gave him some cash though we as students were not rich. What made me angry was that there were few people willing to give. Some guys just tossed over some coins. Then I complained to Miss Pan that we, students who still depend on our parents, would give while most adults would not. “They have no heart,” I said. But Miss Pan thought differently. She argued that most beggars, with arms, hands and legs just like us, could go and find a job. I said, “Yes, they could work, but this man is so old that I doubt anyone is willing to offer him one.” Miss Pan told me that there were many guys in town cheating in this way but I did not believe her.


As we were walking talking, we passed another old man perched on the pavement just like the first one, with a big card placed at the front saying the same. Miss Pan laughed, asking me, “Do you want to donate again, Miss Wang?”


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  1. chenglinben
    Mar 05, 2017 @ 12:23:31

    Nowadays, people like the two men are around here and there. If they were really in need, they should ask the related government for help instead of just sitting around in the middle of the pavement.


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