Shengliver’s Note: I guess the dorm now is spotlessly clean.


Last week, members of our dorm were seriously punished because we violated the dorm rules.


In the morning I had just settled down to chemistry work in the classroom when I was summoned to the corridor by the class director. Out went my dorm mates too. We stood there for the whole morning. What was worse, the day before we had stood there for the whole midday break from 12.30 to 14.05, doing our maths work. Therefore we could not have got a wink of sleep.


We were too sleepy and tired to concentrate on the following lessons, which made me sad and anxious. Then our parents were summoned to the school. They were told to clean the dorm for all of us. That was too embarrassing and shameful. After that we had to make strict dorm rules for ourselves and were asked to read them to the whole class. The worst of it all was that we would have to clean the classroom for a whole month as a punishment.


In order not to break the rules we have made, we have to clean the dorm for 20 minutes every morning before we head for the classroom. We mop and scrub, dust and wipe, again and again. However, after we are back in the classroom, the dorm is still on our minds. Is it clean enough? Is everything in place?


I am so sad, so tired, and so anxious.


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