Shengliver’s Note: Do you believe that a boy as young as 5 or 6 years old can fall in love?


Before I went to primary school, I had a best friend in kindergarten. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. Kind and generous, she always shared some delicious goodies with me. She was also a brave girl. As a boy, I was rather weak. Some bigger boys sometimes bullied me with their arms and legs. Luckily she was always there when the bullying started, and better still she answered violence with violence. Unfortunately, destiny played a joke on me. As I was one year her junior, I would have to move to another school. It was not long before my family moved house. You cannot imagine how sad I was. The last time I met her was when we were in Grade 1 primary school. Ever since then never have I seen her in the flesh once. I hate myself very much. Because I was a timid boy, I missed a chance to say I loved her. Even today I think my parents’ placing me in a different school at the time was a foolish decision. Although the girl still occupies a place in my heart, everything physical about her is gone. I have lost all traces of the special person. I have no idea wherever she is and whatever she is doing. Ah!


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  1. chenglin
    Mar 02, 2017 @ 15:57:58

    I also have the same experience like that. Maybe it was arranged by the god on purpose because there is another girl in store who matches you more.


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