Shengliver’s Note: Chenglin the boy is one of the fastest runners in his class to the canteen. Unfortunately the other week he tripped and fell, resulting in a leg injury.


About a fortnight ago, my left leg got injured when I was rushing to the canteen as fast as a rocket.


After it happened, in the beginning I was still able to run despite the slight pain. Nevertheless, the next day whenever I walked, it felt as if my leg were being stabbed by a sharp knife. My God! How could I possibly manage my hectic daily life with the pain?


In this entry I would like to express my appreciation to Mr Liu Zelong and Mr Wan Yingzhong. The two guys accompanied me on my daily trips to and from the canteen. They had to walk with me giving me support. Thus they could not go fast. They sacrificed their precious time for me. I normally have my meals at the second-floor canteen while Mr Liu prefers the meals served at the first-floor one. Yet, he took the trouble to go up with me to my canteen. I insisted that I could make it alone, but he said that it was no trouble because he would go up and deposit some money in his meal card account at the canteen office, which is located on the second floor. I was moved by his effort to reach out to me at the trying moment.


Not only Mr Wan and Mr Liu but also many other classmates helped me out. For instance, after the accident, something strange happened to me and it lasted about a week. Every morning, when I came to the classroom, I found my drinking glass filled with hot water. The first morning it happened, I was not impressed and sat down to work right away. But the same thing repeated, for the following days. I wondered who it was that had acted so kindly. I decided to find out. On the fourth morning, I managed to get to the classroom earlier than usual. Arriving at the doorstep, I saw someone right there filling my glass. It was Miss Song Xuemei. What a kind girl!


Now I am as powerful as before, having made a full recovery from the injury. I still run like an aeroplane. The accident has taught me that happiness consists in good health. In my daily life I will be extra cautious. Accidents can happen if we are unguarded. Apart from that, this injury, which made me suffer like hell, has helped open my eyes to the presence of the good guys around me. It is a blessing in disguise.


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  1. chenglin
    Feb 15, 2017 @ 16:40:11

    Lol, reading the passage, the touching scene crossed in my mind. I cannot imagine that you have been saving this composition although it has been years since then. reading it again, I felt very different, maybe life is really magical!


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