Shengliver’s Note: Sharing made a special Xmas for the Chinese teen.


Last Thursday was Christmas. I thought it would be going on as usual. But a simple surprise turned it into a special day.


With Christmas approaching, many classmates were busy preparing for it. They bought lots of gifts, but none of them was for me. But I did not give a damn about it.


Last Thursday morning I came to school as usual. When I stepped into the schoolroom, I was surprised. I found a post card and some candies lying there on my desk. There were just some simple words written on the card, “Thank you for helping me so much in the past weeks. I wish you a good day.” I really appreciated it. So I decided to do something to make the usual day unusual. I went to a supermarket and bought a box of chocolate during the lunch break. I gave it away to my friends when I came back.


I am happy that I had such a special Christmas this year. Now I understand that sharing is much sweeter than candies. I will keep the day in my heart forever.


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