Sit down and be quiet. I will tell you a secret, Shengliver.


It was 7 years ago. I was in Grade 3 primary school. There was a boy in my class, smart and cute. I am sure that all the girls in my class liked him at that time. He lived close to me and we happened to be desk mates. Sometimes we went home together and did our homework together. Of course there were other boys and girls with us as well. In our free time we climbed hills to pick flowers and pluck edible grass shoots in spring, and we went to the river to catch tadpoles in summer.


I can clearly remember it was before we went to middle school. One morning he took a seat at my table in the restaurant both of us frequented, without saying a word, just looking at me. I was too shy to run away.


As time went by, we lost touch with each other. Then in the summer of 2011, word came that he was drowned somewhere.


It is a sad story, Shengliver.


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