Shengliver’s Note: The granny became a child once again.


One day, my mother told me that my grandma had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the hospital. Hearing the news, I rushed to the hospital where she was being treated. What I saw there beggared belief. I could not figure out how it had come about that my once-healthy granny all of a sudden changed so much.


She even could not recognise me. Eating became something difficult. Toilet for her was a mess. I was so sad that I wished that I could do something for her, but I was helpless in fact.


Thanks to the medical help, she has improved a bit after some days there. Now she can walk slowly. Sometimes she can blurt out my name! I teach her arithmetic and she can do simple problems now.


The doctor says that my granny has an eight-year-old’s IQ. Nevertheless, I am still happy to see her making progress little by little. I will take more time to stay with her.


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