Shengliver’s Note: My student Mr Xiao Shutian saw two angels on the busy road early one morning.


Last week, I saw a thing on a cold morning, which warmed up my heart.


When I was on the way to school crossing the road, I saw a puppy stuck in the middle of the road, with cars streaming by one after another on either side. As you know, it is pitch dark around 6.30, and the dog was so small that the drivers could hardly notice it. The poor creature, trapped in the traffic flow, seemed to be shocked and shaking. And then what moved me deeply was that two girls came up in front of the traffic and became angels. They escorted the puppy until it had safely crossed the road. When they realised that the puppy seemed to have lost its way on the other side of the road, they took it to the school gate and entrusted it to the guards.


Are the two girls angels? Yes, they are.


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