Ze’s attitude toward his family is poles apart from before. In middle school, he hated it when his parents were around. Every day after school, he wished his parents would not be in when he got home. The reason, of course, was that he could play his video games to his heart’s content if the parents were still at work.  What about the lessons? “I was always good at them then,” he said.


Now he will feel resentment and emptiness if he finds parents away when he reaches home. After a week of hard work at school, he is dying to see his parents and chat with them. Talking with his parents makes him feel relaxed and comfortable. At school he feels mentally and physically exhausted at the end of a day. Deadlines and exams stress him out. At home, what he loathed when he was in middle school is now what he desires, for it refreshes him and adds spice to his existence.


The feeling is exquisite when mother is cooking in the kitchen and the smell is wafting over into the living room. Watching TV on the couch, Ze feels as if home were heaven. The best moment comes when mum sets the dishes on the dinner table. The aroma and the colour of mother’s cooking lighten his mood, making him believe that he is living the moment to the full. “Every cell in my body wakes up, man!” he exclaims.

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