Shengliver’s Note: Liang the teen was terrified by his maths grade.


Last week, I suffered a maths disaster. I am still terrified now. I shudder at the thought of it. I cannot forget the scene where my teacher was yelling at me in his office. It resulted from the maths test, which I failed to pass.


Our weekly test is on Sunday. You could not imagine how tired we are after a day’s sports or paper copying. Worse still, the test is given in the evening classes. As a result, my brain seemed to have got stuck in a mire when the test was going last Sunday evening. By the time most guys around had had finished the paper, I was still halfway through it.


The teacher asked me to go to his office after the results were out. In the dreary room, I was told to correct my paper, which was covered here and there with red crosses. The master snarled, “How the hell did you make so many blunders? Was your head swimming while you were taking the test?” I kept trembling, speechless. In my mind I told myself I had to find out the reason why I had done so badly this time. There must be a problem with my study. I could not stand it bringing more trouble upon me.


As soon as I returned to the classroom, I started working on the paper. Mistakes are not as terrible as your unawareness of their existence is.


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