Three days ago, my father’s colleagues held a New Year’s feast. I went there with my parents.


Before I finished the meal, my mother asked me to go and toast my great uncle, a successful businessman and my father’s boss. I was not willing to do it. After all I was not very familiar with him. But I had to give in. So I went over to greet him. After we exchanged greetings, he poured me a glass of liquor and commanded me to drink it. Never had I drunk any alcohol before. So I refused him naturally. He got mad and asked me to swallow it immediately. I gave my mother a wink, hoping she could help me out of the dilemma. But my mother, instead of helping me, stepped back. Noticing that my great uncle had already got drunk, I knew it would be no use debating with him. Besides I did not want to make my parents lose face. I agreed finally. I took a sip of the stuff, but I did not swallow it. He noticed my trick at once and kept pressuring me. My patience running out, I could not control my anger. All of a sudden I spat it out and dashed into the toilet. With the door locked from inside, I tried to calm down. But anger, frustration and a sense of betrayal crowded in on me. I lost my temper. My parents tried to comfort me, talking to me from outside the door. I yelled at them from inside. Finally, we had to leave the party before it was over. On the way home I argued with my parents all the while. Tears trickled out of my eyes all the way.


The next day I felt much better, and I could not help feeling guilty. I went over to apologise to my parents. They did not blame me for my behaviour at the party. My heart settled down finally. Father said that it was an important lesson. Actually I did not agree with him. Not wanting to cause more trouble, I stayed silent. As for liquor, I won’t touch it anymore.


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