Despite our mini winter holiday, I still went back home with my parents. Back in Fangxian I met my cousin Lu. Both of us were excited. It was a whole year since we had last met.


Now she is going to start Grade 9 while I am about to graduate from high school. Because my uncle and aunt work in Anhui, she has to attend school there, where school lessons are a little different from those here in Hubei. The differences in lessons do not change in any way the fact that both she and I have to “eat” enormous amounts of homework.


I still remember that Lu was an outgoing girl when she was younger. She could bring happiness to everyone around. In contrast, she is very quiet now. It occurs to me that Lu is no longer the Lu any more. Her mother arranges for her to attend all kinds of after-school lessons, such as maths, dancing and singing. When we met in the holiday, her mother said to her, “You should try your best to study. You should follow your cousin’s example.” I noticed that she said the word “should” twice. Therefore, I felt awful.


Yes, I can understand my cousin, because when I was her age, I was reminded by my mother time and time again to follow another cousin’s example.


My cousin will have to study for four years before she enters uni. My high school journey will come to an end in a couple of months. By then I won’t have to worry a lot about tests and homework any more. Sincerely I hope my cousin will be strong enough to survive the war in high school. After all, every Chinese teenager has to go through the gruelling years.


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