Shengliver’s Note: Jianchi the girl still has fond memories of the two elderly people.


In my childhood two elderly people gave me deep impressions.


One of them was an old lady. One year I had to stay in hospital on account of appendicitis. Next to my bed was an emaciated old lady. Every evening she would take a walk with her husband. In no way could she walk very much because a short distance would take her a long time. I was so young at that time that I had no idea what disease she was suffering from. Every day the doctors had to remove some yellowish liquid from her stomach. She did not talk very much. Looking at her grimace, I felt so sad. Even though she had been fighting against the disease for years, she still passed away. I miss her very much today. May she rest in peace.


The other is a lovely old man. I got to know him when I was very young. According to my grandpa, he used to be a diplomat. This old man would always be seated in an armchair in the yard and every child of our community would greet him when they passed. Sometimes he responded in English and sometimes he responded in Chinese. At that time I had just started to learn English. Speaking English with him was great fun. As years wore on, his mind was not as quick as before. Some kids said to him, “Old guy, do you know the English for Xiongmao?” He tried to say it but in vain. Then these kids would burst into laughter, but he still smiled warmly. I guess this year he must be 75 years old. Every day he still sits in his armchair in the yard, does shopping at the Dongyue Market and takes walks with his wife. He is not very tall. But in my mind he is a giant.


The lady is no longer there. The gentleman will be gone someday. However, their spirits will stay with me forever.


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