Shengliver’s Note: The other week, an inspirational speaker came to the school and delivered a speech, whose purpose was to instil optimism, enthusiasm and perseverance into the teens, who have been studying for their university entrance exam since the end of July. In this post, you will read about three teens’ reactions to the speaker. Please do not judge them right or wrong, for everyone has the right to speak his mind.


What do you think?

By Wang Yaxue


Last Thursday we attended a speech given by a famous inspirational speaker named Mr Fang Shanchao. He is also a psychologist. I admired him for his achievements. He appeared on some shows on Phoenix TV and Hubei TV. Young as he is, he has founded his own company. In my eye, Mr Fang is a hero.


In his speech he taught us confidence and perseverance. He used many stories and examples to inspire us. His talk was so exciting that I couldn’t help crying. Having attended his speech I have made up my mind to work harder.


However, the next day in our Chinese lesson, Mr Geng asked, “Students, are you still crazy about the speech?” His question confused me. Then Mr Geng said, “In this age we should be a calm person rather than a mad one. We should not be easily influenced by external forces. What we need to do is study steadily. Otherwise all of you would be as mental as Li Yang the crazy English teacher.”


That said, Mr Geng pointed out that there were many faults in Mr Fang’s speech. Listening to Mr Geng was like you have won the first prize, but someone still thinks you are rubbish.


Mr Geng’s words puzzled me. On the one hand, the speech was given to inspire us. On the other hand, our dear teacher did not agree with the speaker’s view. As a student, which of them should I trust?


Eventually I came to understand that there is no absolute truth in this world. We should have our own mind. I should judge on my own.


But, teacher Shengliver, what do you think of this kind of speech?


I’m proud of you, Yaxue

By Li Yan


Last week our grade attended a wonderful speech which was given by a successful psychologist and businessman. What impressed me most was Wang Yaxue’s bravery and confidence.


At the very beginning of the event, the speaker asked the throng assembled on the sports field, “Who dare come up and say his dream out loud?” Immediately a boy from Class 26, the rocket class, rushed onto the stage. Everyone applauded him. To my surprise, Yaxue was the second one to go up. At the moment I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Our class is not a rocket nor is it a bullet. In my mind Yaxue is a quiet, shy, and diligent girl. It never occurred to me that she should have given us such a huge surprise. Standing on the stage, she cried out the name of her dream university time and again, tears rolling down her rosy cheeks. I was so moved by her act.


Although Yaxue is not a perfect student, every day she keeps working hard to approach her dream. She also lives a simple but concrete life, unlike those crazy guys who are so stressed so anxious to study and achieve. After the speech Yaxue told me that she hadn’t thought she could be so brave, but she was. I am so proud of her. She is sure to make it and to be admitted to her dream uni. Good luck to you, Yaxue.


Motivation should come from inside

By Lu Xiuwen


Last week, an inspirational speaker came to our school and gave us a speech to inspire us when we started the 200-day countdown to the university entrance exam. To be honest I thought the speaker was so bad that I almost did not know what message he really wanted to deliver. His speech reminded me of brainwashing. I thought the speaker was conceited and crazy.


I was shocked when all the guys around me started yelling slogans in chorus after the speaker. I thought it was ridiculous. Does a person achieve his goal by shouting his dream every day? Does a person achieve success depending on others’ encouragement? Can a speech change someone? Obviously the answer is no. Over the years how many lectures and speeches have we attended? Is your success today a result of them?


In our class, after each exam, some students are hurt by the results and therefore they make a fresh goal for themselves. However, it will not be three days before they forget all about their promises and lapse into their former ways.


At this stage, most of us are working hard. Shouting out your dream will be of no use if you do not take action to change yourself. If you do not change yourself, a speech, no matter how inspirational it may be, will be just like water off a duck’s back.


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